Jan 25

In my search for some information about getting Item Tracking via ADCS to work with MRP/MPS in Dynamics NAV i noticed, that when i searched for specific terms of functions in NAV objects a website kept popping up in the Google search results.

For some reason i had not really seen it before, must have missed a blog post about it :). It is basically a web based object model of Dynamics NAV. I know you can use other tools like Developers Toolkit to provide the same functionality, but having it online and available without any setups is pretty cool.

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Jan 20

This morning i was reading the blog post from Arend-Jan Kaufmann regarding opening Classic databases with the correct executable version. You can see his blog post here:

Suggestion for Available Databases Form in Dynamics NAV

It reminded me of a tool i basically use on a daily basis, as well as many other people in my company. It is an extended version of the Navision Starter v1.2 orignally created by Sergey Gazizyanov back in 2006. I have added support for the latest version, as well as shell integration for native databases (*.fdb), so you just double click on the FDB file.

The launcher will determine the database version from both SQL and native databases, and choose the right client executable to open the database with. It also can do automated login with database login, by using a default password like sa/sa.

See here for a quick overview…
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Jan 18

18 days into the new year of 2011, and still wondering where 2010 went? Since the last postings things have been busy with end of year tasks for customers, holiday with the family and here early 2011 a NAV 3.60 to NAV 2009 upgrade.

With christmas time just a few weeks past, i think i know what one of our customers got for christmas :). Well, here is the story… you know for troubleshooting issues remotely screenshots of the process and error messages are always a big help, so our support department requested that from a customer.

Here is what they send us:

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