Jan 25

In my search for some information about getting Item Tracking via ADCS to work with MRP/MPS in Dynamics NAV i noticed, that when i searched for specific terms of functions in NAV objects a website kept popping up in the Google search results.

For some reason i had not really seen it before, must have missed a blog post about it :). It is basically a web based object model of Dynamics NAV. I know you can use other tools like Developers Toolkit to provide the same functionality, but having it online and available without any setups is pretty cool.

Here is the link to the site: http://www.navutils.com/navutils/demomodel/index.html.

Do you have other NAV hidden gems to share, let me know.

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  2. A colleague and I have developed a tool, Statical Supervision, which also produces HTML output of C/AL code. We did not know about the existence of the NavUtils, either. We have not tested NavUtils’ tool thoroughly, but it seems to be quite limited in functionality compared to Supervision.

    Since we released Supervision, we have focussed our efforts on developing Statical Prism, which we just released earlier this week in a preview version. In short, Prism is an intuitive and interactive C/AL code viewer with built-in “find usages” functionality. The application is built on Microsoft technologies (F# with WPF for user interface) and performs really well. Within approximately 20 seconds we can do an initial round of scanning, parsing, and rough semantic analysis of a full NAV 2013 code base. After the initial processing, the user can start browsing code and find usages of procedures, fields, variables, etc.

    You can read more about both Statical Prism and Statical Supervision on our web-site, http://www.stati-cal.com/. There you will also find download links.

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