Oct 06

Yesterdays post on assigning MenuSuite Menu’s programatically got a lot of hits, and i have been getting a couple of emails about how to create the data for the blob field. In this post I will show how to build the BLOB generator i Dynamics NAV.

The BLOB content is reverse engineered on Mayank’s Extreme Engineering blog.

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Oct 05

The other day i was reading Mayank’s new blog Extreme Engineering Network. Especially his post about assigning menu suites automatically was pretty neat. Well it could be, as it basically just gave you the information on _how_ you could do it. Looking at a lot of hex-editor information, i decided to give it a spin!

Assigning Menu Suites to users is a painful job for any adminstrator, as you have to go into design of the menu suite, and then for each Menu you have to uncheck the box for users that should not have access. And setting up a new user, gives access to everything by default, so you have to go into each menu to unassign – lots of work!

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Sep 22

Yet another…! As a regular Dynamics NAV blog reader i am sure you have seen this before, in various flavors, but here is a simple yet powerful splash screen. The main purpose of this splash screen, has been to easily identify development, test and live database configurations, and also show information about the current object version in the database.

Download the object from the download section, and see this quick tutorial on how to check for various parameters used in the splash screen, such as:

  • Compare current database name with live database name, to identify live database
  • Show custom version tag
  • Show warning for modified objects

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Jul 14

Microsoft just released the latest version of the object permission spreadsheet. Compared to what i have seen before i think this is a brand new edition with more features in it.

“The purpose of this report is to provide information on what ojbects are included within the modules for Microsoft Dynamics NAV” as follows:

  • Search for individual objects and review the modules that include those objects
  • Search for all objects included within specific modules
  • Description of RIMDX

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Jul 12

Microsoft Office Integration from Dynamics NAV uses stylesheets to transfer data to Excel and Word. If you are on a v5 database or higher this is standard functionality. If you have upgraded your executables, you will notice the new buttons in the toolbar, but nothing happens when you click them. In order to get them working you need to import some new objects, and add a couple of new functions to codeunit 1. The objects are:

  • Form 690: Manage Style Sheets
  • Form 691: Send-to Programs
  • Form 692: Import Style Sheet
  • Form 693: Program Selections
  • Form 694: Style Sheets
  • Codeunit 403: Application Launch Management

Most of this blog entry is really nothing hot of the press, but i found a nice little trick for getting the records inserted into the tables automatically.

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Jul 06

Since version 5 of Dynamics NAV there has been the new application wide functionality for Record Links. You know the little paperclip in the toolbar. In Microsoft words: “The Record Links feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to link Microsoft Dynamics NAV records to relevant documents such as reports and spreadsheets. For example, you could link documents from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or on a file server to a sales order or purchase order.
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