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My name is Søren Nielsen and i am the author of this blog. I come from the land of Navision – Denmark, today i live in California working as a full time developer in southern California. I joined the Navision world back when cell phones had antennas:

Nokia 2110

and social networks were maillists like NAVUG, and Navision UI looked like this:

Navigator / Navi 3.56

Actually the Windows version Navision Financials was released in v1.20 when i started. I went to the Navision Academy, which was a trainee program setup by Microsoft Denmark to attract more talent to the danish partner channel. The program was a 8 week program, with a main focus on the overall application and finishing up with an introduction to development.

After the Navision Academy program, i was contracted to work for a partner in Houston, Texas through my danish employer Hotcom (known as Celenia today), where i spend 8 months working on a large project. During the 8 months i learned a lot, from the business processes and especially from my first mentor Michael Voigt (a colleague at Hotcom and later Navtilus Software). Returning to Denmark i got the opportunity to work for Navtilus Software Denmark, where i worked for 9 years, before starting up our California office in 2006.

I have worked with a broad selection of customers over the years, and have had a lot of exposure to virtually any area in NAV.

The purpose of this blog is to share some of the issues i still run into, and issues that people always ask about. You can contact me at this email: gotcal@navtilus.com. As any other blog you can stay an anonomous reader, but please share your feedback and comments on each posting.

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