Nov 17

This post is a follow up to some of my previous posts about the Send to Word/Excel features of Dynamics NAV. As you know, it uses a stylesheet (xslt file), that is being read into memory and the codeunit 403 inserts values into the document.

This is definitely one of the cool demo features, when presenting NAV. At this point you dont realize that the Cronus logo is hardcoded into the stylesheets, but think it is just using the logo in the Company Information setup.

My previous post gave you some steps on how to change this. But this can be pretty cumbersome to say it at least. So when having to do it for the I dont know what time again, i decided to create a function that could automatically insert the picture from the Company Information.

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Jul 12

Microsoft Office Integration from Dynamics NAV uses stylesheets to transfer data to Excel and Word. If you are on a v5 database or higher this is standard functionality. If you have upgraded your executables, you will notice the new buttons in the toolbar, but nothing happens when you click them. In order to get them working you need to import some new objects, and add a couple of new functions to codeunit 1. The objects are:

  • Form 690: Manage Style Sheets
  • Form 691: Send-to Programs
  • Form 692: Import Style Sheet
  • Form 693: Program Selections
  • Form 694: Style Sheets
  • Codeunit 403: Application Launch Management

Most of this blog entry is really nothing hot of the press, but i found a nice little trick for getting the records inserted into the tables automatically.

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