Jan 20

This morning i was reading the blog post from Arend-Jan Kaufmann regarding opening Classic databases with the correct executable version. You can see his blog post here:

Suggestion for Available Databases Form in Dynamics NAV

It reminded me of a tool i basically use on a daily basis, as well as many other people in my company. It is an extended version of the Navision Starter v1.2 orignally created by Sergey Gazizyanov back in 2006. I have added support for the latest version, as well as shell integration for native databases (*.fdb), so you just double click on the FDB file.

The launcher will determine the database version from both SQL and native databases, and choose the right client executable to open the database with. It also can do automated login with database login, by using a default password like sa/sa.

See here for a quick overview…
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Nov 21

Stijn Bossuyt has made a great function/codeunit for generating barcodes within Dynamics NAV without the need for any third party add-ons. You can find more information about it on this MIBUSO blog.

Barcode as defined on Wikipedia: “A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data, which shows certain data on certain products. Originally, barcodes represented data in the widths (lines) and the spacings of parallel lines, and may be referred to as linear or 1D (1 dimensional) barcodes or symbologies. They also come in patterns of squares, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns within images termed 2D (2 dimensional) matrix codes or symbologies. Although 2D systems use symbols other than bars, they are generally referred to as barcodes as well. Barcodes can be read by optical scanners called barcode readers, or scanned from an image by special software.”

Lets go over a quick guide on how to use it.

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Oct 26

One of the most difficult errors in NAV to troubleshoot is: “The transaction cannot be completed because it will cause inconsistencies in the G/L Entry table”. In a standard, unmodified database it is usually related to tax/rounding issues. And in customized databases, it can be all sorts of issues.

I have seen all kinds of workarounds for figuring out the data/transaction that causes the inconsistency. Most of them have been way to complicated, doing all kinds of modifications to the posting codeunit, or looking up uncommitted records through sophisticated SQL queries. Until the post by Rashed Amini back in 2007 (can be found here on MIBUSO), there was no real good solution to it.

Unfortunately there is still a lot of developers that are not aware of this priceless trick, so let’s look into how he solved the issue of looking at the transactions that caused the inconsistency.

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Sep 28

Here is another useful tool made by Rashed Amini aka. ara3n, i often use, when i have to “retrofit” objects from a newer version of NAV into an older version. Im sure you have tried this plenty of times, importing a 2009 object into a version 5 database – causing a crashed client. This is due to some of the new properties/triggers in the 2009 client that did not exist in previous version. Luckily the FOB files are backwards compatible, but for the tables, xmlports and reports it causes problems. Forms, Dataports and Codeunits works just fine.

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Jul 30

In this series of posts “What is in your Dynamics NAV toolbelt”, i will highlight some of the tools i find very usefull in my daily work, and couldn’t live without. There are probably great alternatives to them out there, so please share your experiences with me.

NAVObjectViewer by Gerd Hübner is one of simplest and most useful tools for a NAV Developer, when you have to dig into a database with modifications, that often are undocumented or you just get a brief explanation of what a previous mod is doing. It is a great alternative to using the Developers Toolkit, as it does not require any setups and other dependencies. Just a quick and easy way to find objects with a nice search interface. And yes, it also has REGEX search capabilities.

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