Jan 18

18 days into the new year of 2011, and still wondering where 2010 went? Since the last postings things have been busy with end of year tasks for customers, holiday with the family and here early 2011 a NAV 3.60 to NAV 2009 upgrade.

With christmas time just a few weeks past, i think i know what one of our customers got for christmas :). Well, here is the story… you know for troubleshooting issues remotely screenshots of the process and error messages are always a big help, so our support department requested that from a customer.

Here is what they send us:

I must admit i have never thought of doing screenshots this way! But how logical it is now that i see it. And with the digital cameras you can even see the timestamp directly on the picture. I love it….!!

Well, as you readers all know Windows can actually do screenshots just by pressing the “PrtScn” key – and places a bitmap picture on the clipboard, so you can paste it into your favorite application. Here are some uses of it:

  • PrtScn by itself captures your whole desktop
  • Alt + PrtScn captures the active window

Or you can do as i and use a 3rd party application such as SnagIt, or a free version called Jing. Also for you running Windows 7, there is a new tool included called the Snipping Tool.

Anyways, back to work – and hopefully some interesting blog posts later in january. Until later – let me know your favorite support story…

3 Responses to “Welcome to the Digital Age… and 2011!”

  1. Munib says:

    I got one like that last year. I had a good laugh.
    Yours is a bit more detailed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. When the windows version of Navision first came out I was training a new partner to move them form their existing product to Navision.

    We got interrupted with an urgent support call from a client of the old system they worked with. They had sent some files and those files had corrupted the system, the developer asked if they could make a copy of the Floppy and send it to him ASAP so he can check which files they got. 10 minutes later a fax arrived it was a fax of a photo copy of the Floppy.

    I love these. Though in your customers case its actually not a bad idea.

  3. Aske Holst says:

    A collegue of mine once got an email which seemed to part of a longer conversation. He replied an email requesting the full email conversation in order to get the whole picture. Two days he got the whole email conversion in the mail, printed on paper…
    This was in 2009 I think.

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