Oct 02

After switching blogging software, due to a server crash i never really got the old posts reposted from the original blog. I have had a lot of requests for one particular post: Dynamics NAV and the ROT table. I started finding the old backup of the database, to restore the post and realized it is almost 3 years old. Cant believe how fast times goes by. But after reading the very interesting post from Waldo about their new tool ReVision i came to think of this old post. (unfortunately i will not be at Directions in San Diego myself, even though i just live a couple of hours from there! But i hope to get some updates from people seeing the tool demonstrated!).

Basically what the post was about was the features of Rolling Object Table, a feature that allows Windows programs to publish “interfaces” to some of it internal features – i dont know it this is the correct description of it though :). Dynamics NAV is exposing some methods to read/write objects through the client, as well as querying forms and getting other data from the client. Since my original post, there has been quite a few additional blogs featuring the technology. We (see kudos section at the bottom) were playing around with the .NET Reflector tool, and used it on one of Celenia Version Controls dll’s. I had the same features as used in the Developers Toolkit for importing/exporting objects from the running client.

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