Jan 20

This morning i was reading the blog post from Arend-Jan Kaufmann regarding opening Classic databases with the correct executable version. You can see his blog post here:

Suggestion for Available Databases Form in Dynamics NAV

It reminded me of a tool i basically use on a daily basis, as well as many other people in my company. It is an extended version of the Navision Starter v1.2 orignally created by Sergey Gazizyanov back in 2006. I have added support for the latest version, as well as shell integration for native databases (*.fdb), so you just double click on the FDB file.

The launcher will determine the database version from both SQL and native databases, and choose the right client executable to open the database with. It also can do automated login with database login, by using a default password like sa/sa.

See here for a quick overview…
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Dec 03

While most children are watching the days to christmas, most NAV people are looking forward to December 15th, when the R2 release of Dynamics NAV 2009 is going to be released.

A quick blog scan will give you loads of information about the new features, the hype and what not. But Microsoft also released these hot topic videos covering some of the new features. For some reason i had not seen them until today where they caught my eye on the frontpage of MIBUSO. Thought i would share them with you as a little advent calendar present.

The topics covered are:

.NET Interop, Online Payments Service, What’s new for developers and a general overview.

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Oct 05

The other day i was reading Mayank’s new blog Extreme Engineering Network. Especially his post about assigning menu suites automatically was pretty neat. Well it could be, as it basically just gave you the information on _how_ you could do it. Looking at a lot of hex-editor information, i decided to give it a spin!

Assigning Menu Suites to users is a painful job for any adminstrator, as you have to go into design of the menu suite, and then for each Menu you have to uncheck the box for users that should not have access. And setting up a new user, gives access to everything by default, so you have to go into each menu to unassign – lots of work!

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Jun 11

I got a Google Alert today with some interesting news from MSDN. They are doing “How do I?” videos. They are meant to show you step-by-step instructions for Microsoft Products and Technologies.

You can also subscribe to their RSS feed here:  Dynamics NAV How do I?

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