Sep 16

Since Dynamics NAV version 5, when RIM was introduced there has been the functionality for Data Migration and Master Data Templates. I have never really used the Migration tool, as it just seemed to be too limited, compared to what you can accomplish with standard dataports. During my last go-live the customer was using the Master Data Templates, which is a nice little tool – still with a lot of limitations.

The usages I have seen of the tool has primarily been around the common master data tables, such as Customer, Vendor and Items. Often there are some confusion around templates used for Customers, as there are “Data Templates” (generic templates) and “Customer Templates” (customer specific templates used from Contacts / Relationship Management).

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Jun 10

Over the years of working with NAV, users have always asked for ways to store their frequently used filters for reports and forms – eg. month end reports (A/R, A/P, Trial Balances), that often needs to be reported in multiple views.
Most often the users have come up with a system of storing the filterstrings in Notes in eg. Microsoft Outlook or similar. This is not a productive way, and leaves a lot of options for errors when copying the wrong filter, especially when filtering on multiple fields.

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