Jun 11

I got a Google Alert today with some interesting news from MSDN. They are doing “How do I?” videos. They are meant to show you step-by-step instructions for Microsoft Products and Technologies.

You can also subscribe to their RSS feed here:ย  Dynamics NAV How do I?

Take a look at these first videos for Dynamics NAV 2009:

How Do I: Successfully
Configure Outlook
Synchronization with NAV
2009 SP1
How Do I: Warranty Lots In
Warehouse Management
with NAV 2009 SP1

8 minutes, 41 seconds
How Do I: Revaluation Journal
Process for Inventory in NAV
2009 SP1

19 minutes, 21 seconds
19 minutes, 11 seconds
How Do I: Use Exact Cost
Reversal with Dynamics
How Do I: Use Expiration
Lots in Warehouse
17 minutes, 50 seconds 11 minutes, 00 seconds

Update: Looks like the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog already posted this

2 Responses to “Dynamics NAV “How do I?” videos from MSDN”

    • SNielsen says:

      Thanks Luc,
      nice getting feedback from visitors on the site, even from Holland – after todays game in the World Cup!! Got up at 4.30am to watch Denmark getting their butt kicked…. ๐Ÿ™

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