Nov 15

Last week Got C/AL? got syndicated on the Microsoft Dynamics Community site, under the NAV section. You can find the site here:

For the new readers i will give you a quick introduction to the site here, in addition to what you already can find on the site. The site was originally founded back in March of 2008, but did not really stretch it legs until May 2010 where i finally gave into the WordPress platform.

The site focuses on Dynamics NAV development. Currently its main content is for the Classic client environment, but here with the upcoming release of Dynamics NAV 2009 the RTC environment should start getting more and more exposure. You will see tricks and solutions to both simple and complex business problems. Some posts are basically sticky notes for my own reference, and hopefully also yours.

Some of the previous posts has been:

Available objects in License report
Another version of a classic tool, to show you what available objects you have in your license.

APP-V streaming of Dynamics NAV RTC
Testing App-V for Dynamics NAV R2
Posts about the App-V streaming features.

Tracking report usage
A post about how to track what reports are being used in your NAV installation by users.

Saving filter in NAV
How users can save their filters for forms/reports in NAV

Formula evalution
Define formulas and insert values from tables and calculate the results.

SMTP mail functionality in pre V5
How to install and use SMTP mail in older version of NAV.

Consistency Error debugger
Downgrade Objects
What is in your toolbelt series, exploring already existing tools.

And much more, that you can find by browsing my site. Please subscribe to our RSS feed here below, or sign up for our email list. Also comments to any posts are much appreciated.


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