Sep 15

Returning from vacation i was all ready to get back into the blogging. But as you know, returning from a vacation, there a usually a lot of loose ends to catch up on, so most of the first week went with that. Then traveling to Atlanta for a customer go-live, and back in Atlanta this week for post go-live support and 3rd party integrations.

My colleague Henrik Helgesen, has finally fired up his Adventures of the E-Ship Guy postings, after we kept asking him questions. See the first entry here about Blind and Double Blind Shipments. Im hoping he will soon blog about another add-on we recently did for E-Ship, integrating light and sound with Pack Line Scan, so warehouse workers with wireless scanners can easier work without having to look on the screen all the time.

Next week when im back im scheduled to get these 3 certifications updated to 2009: Installation and Configuration, Development I + II, as well as updating my SQL2005 to SQL2008. That will be a couple of busy days. Any good hints?

Anyways, stay tuned.

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  1. Vjeko says:

    No hints about upgrading the certifications, but only one big fat Good Luck! You just reminded me it was about time I upgraded my ones… they god rusty, too…

    • The Training Material for Installation & Configuration does not have a single sentence about Deployment (SDP, GPO’s etc) – but 10 out of 50 questions in the test I took yesterday was about that.

  2. Luc van Vugt says:

    Hi guys,
    NAV 2009 Installation and Configuration course manual chapter 7 is dealing with Deployment, though I immediately admit it’s all out of balance those 10 out of 50. Because of this part I did not pass last time, which is already months ago. Haven’t got to try again. In the mean time the “Windows Small Business Server 2008” administration’s companion helped me a lot (accidently had that book ar hand). Not in the least to learn what the acronyms (SDG, GPO, …) mean.

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