May 26

How many times have you been trying to import a version of the “Available objects” reports that are on most of the NAV community sites, having it fail with your customer license file, since you don’t have permissions to the actual report id. And importing the text version of the object is not allowed either.

Here is a version of the available objects report, modified to be in the database as Report ID 1.

Normally it only makes sense to run this report for the area 50000..99999, as this is usually the custom area where customers have purchased objects, but there are a few objects available in the area under 50000, see example 2:

Example 2, in area <50000:

As you can see the license does not have “Insert Permissions”, so even with the Table Designer granule you won’t have access to create these. Some of them you can find in older databases (these are found in a US2.01.B).


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  1. […] Available objects in License report Another version of a classic tool, to show you what available objects you have in your license. […]

  2. A reference link pointing to the original object would be useful here (not for me, but for all the people who don’t know the original object).

  3. Chad says:

    I already have a report with ID = 1: Chart of Accounts. Can you Modify this report and give it another ID?

  4. Try the following:
    – Create a new database and import the database.fbk backup file (This file should be on your product disc.)
    – Import the report object
    – Open the report object with Report Designer (Object Designer->Mark the report->Click Design-Button)
    – File->Save As->choose new id and different name (e.g. append ‘2’)
    – Export the new object
    – Import your new object into your target database
    – Tidy up: delete the new database or keep for future usage
    – Enjoy πŸ™‚

    If you are unable to use the Report Designer by your license, ask your favorite NAV Consultant for help πŸ˜‰

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